Pricing & Values

Private sale price:

$500 = 2,000 LGT

$0.25 per LGT

Public sale price:

$500 = 1,900 LGT

$0.263 per LGT

Launch price:

$500 = 1800 LGT

$0.27777 per LGT

Coming Soon

LGT Coming Live SOON !


Football League of Legends logos-02
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Marketing before launch: 0.5% 5,000,000 units.
  • Airdrop: 1% 10,000,000 units
  • Charity: 1% 10,000,000 units
  • PROJECT TEAM: 5%point_right50,000,000 units (to be distributed couple of years after)
  • Private and public sale: 25%point_right250,000,000
  • (Liquidity - 60% of sale, 150,000,000 units)
  • (Development 20% of sale.)
  • (Marketing after launch/Buy back in game reward system 20% of sale )
  • Total Fair launch units = 475,000,000 units
  • Balance - 525,000,000 ( locked in wallet/staking/more liquidity and other uses)


Contract Address


Binance smart chain

Sphereverse is an initiative by several Crypto enthusiasts who aims to bring together the major aspects of the Crypto space to the finger tips of fellow enthusiasts.

This is why Sphereverse branches all over the Crypto space with her LEAGUE TOKEN , COIN MARKET WEBSITE Similar to Coin market cap and coin geko, CENTRALIZED EXCHANGE similar to Binance but better with new trading features. FOOTBALL LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS (FLOC) GameFI. Our FLOC play to earn game will be a football managing game where players build their dream team from the ground up, participating in leagues and championships with real monetary benefits per match and huge payout for the champions in their respected leagues and championships.


We are giving out 10,000,000 units of 1B total units and 475m fair launch units to our community members through,

*Referrals – for every referral a community member gets 2LGT tokens and can withdraw at least 20LGT after every 10 successful referrals. members can also earn 2LGT Airdrop by being active and communicating with fellow members till they aquire the Gold member role.
Members get 0.5LGT when they follow all our social media handles and get 1LGT each when they join our Telegram group and channel.

All other activities amounts to 0.5LGT respectively.

Each football player is a Non-fungible token (NFT) that users can sell and buy in the open global market inside the game with real money i.e league token.

By this, we have successfully brought together major branches of the Crypto space.